Adventist Church in Jamaica Hosts Cinematography Workshop

More than two-dozen communicators and media professionals took part in a cinematography workshop led by the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Hope Channel Inter-America. The workshop was the first of its kind hosted by the church’s communication department in the Jamaica Union, Apr. 3-4, 2018 in Mandeville, Jamaica.

Members of the East Jamaica Conference team (L-R) Errol Vaz, Chad Smith, Phillip Castell, Ruth-Ann Brown and Leon Ffrench participate in the Hope Channel program scheduling exercise on the final day of the workshop. Image by Nigel Coke/IAD

The main objective of the workshop was to train conference and church media professionals to produce contents for Hope Channel Inter-America’s English channel.

“The workshop is very important to our union as we are lagging behind in the production of content for Hope Channel Inter-America and local cable networks operated by our church,” said Nigel Coke, communication director for the church in Jamaica. “We realized that in order to produce good contents for a global station, we need to foster a closer working relationship with all the conferences and the NCU Media Group.”

The training, which involved 30 participants from the church’s five conferences and NCU Media Group, was led by Abel Márquez, communication director for the church in Inter-America and executive director of Hope Channel Inter-America, and Lizbeth Elejalde, professor of Television at Montemorelos University, and program and production assistant for Hope Channel Inter-America. The NCU Media Group is based at the church’s Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville.

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