What We Offer

–Voice of Prophecy Series

  • Discover Lesson Guides: Help you understand basic biblical teaching. You will find the 14 lessons thought-provoking and inspiring.
  • New Believer’s Guide (12 lessons)
  • Junior Bible Lesson Course – To be upgraded
  • Focus On Prophecy (Revelation)

These lessons are designed to answer your questions directly from the Bible. If you have never studied the Bible before, you are in for a rich reward. God’s Word will give you encouragement and hope as you seek for life’s deepest meaning. If you are an experience Bible student, these lessons will lead you deeper into the truths of God’s Word.

We have a staff ready to answer your questions.

Coming Soon!

  • Online Bible Study
  • Discover
  • Focus of Prophecy (Daniel and Revelation)

A Certificate along with other incentives are given at the completion of each course.

Students are encouraged to pray for the direction of the Holy Spirit before the Word of God is studied.