About Bible School

Formerly known as the Voice of Prophecy School, the Jamaica Union Bible Correspondence School has been restructured into a dynamic evangelistic tool, aimed at mobilizing every member into an effective and efficient outreach team while engaging individuals into an active study of God’s Word.
The school presently offers courses through the Voice of Prophecy School, California, The It Is Written, and others. Also online studies. (see offerings)The school is poised to accomplish great things for the Master. Our mission is to save souls that are perishing in a world stormed by the ravaging effects of sin. As the light of God’s word shine forth, many souls will be rescued who otherwise would have perished as they become tossed on the rocks of despair and degradation.

The Bible School seeks to accomplish its mission through the Voice of Prophecy Radio Broadcast aired on RJR, Sundays at 11:00 p.m.; through our Free Bible correspondence courses, designed to bring faith and hope to a dying world; through our on line offerings; through our special prayers sessions on Thursday mornings at 8:00 and through our free gifts of small books and magazines.

We solicit your prayers and financial support as we continue to herald the soon return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ via the airwaves, technology and through the printed page.

God bless!


The School is Located at:
125 Manchester Road, Mandeville, Jamaica
Postal address: Box 22, Mandeville
Telephone Number: (876) 962-2284 or 2910 or 625-6157
Fax: (876) 962-3417

Email: [email protected]