Adventist Leader Challenge Members to “Break Out of Their Walls”

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Highlighting one of the positives of the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic which has impacted the entire world in various ways, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica, Pastor Everett Brown, has challenged members to make good use of the time to spread the gospel of salvation.

“This moment, this pandemic must be used as an opening for us to share the everlasting gospel to break down walls that insulated people from hearing the gospel,” said Pastor Brown. According to him, “the Pandemic sensitized us to the urgency of the task, the imperative of our mission to Go. Some places we were unable to go and some people we not able to reach in 2019, we are able to reach in real time today through the use of technology.”

Pastor Brown was the main speaker at the ASi Jamaica Union annual summit hosted online from the headquarters of the East Jamaica Conference on Sabbath, April 10, 2021, under the theme “Break Out of Your Walls.”

“It is just amazing how many walls have been toppled since the church moved out of the physical building,” Brown continued. “The present pandemic might end, but as long as we live in a sinful world, other crises will arise that could disrupt our present norms. The solution, the answer to the problem of sin is not where we worship physically, but how we worship and who we worship. Jesus is still the answer… the proclamation of the gospel will always be our mandate. Whatever wall is standing in the way of the proclamation of the gospel, God has already taken care of that wall,” he said.

In recent times, many have questioned the Church and its leadership and questioned the sovereign God of the church.

To that, Brown argued that “God has created a global crisis, to create a global need, so that we could offer a global response, a global solution. That global response is Jesus. The pandemic has forced the church or in other words the pandemic has provided or created the opportunity for us to contact vast numbers of people in real time with the message.”

“In this national and international crisis we must break out and breakdown walls of misinformation and confusion that the devil has foisted on the world. Our mandate remains this urgent clarion call for all sinners to come out of Babylon and false worship and worship the creator of the heavens and the earth, the creator of the Sabbath,” Brown added.

“The ASI business and professional summit had objectives of reaching businesses throughout the 5 chapters across the island, and intended to spiritually nurture and network with the members. I am happy to say our objectives were met,” said Cecil Foster, President of ASi Jamaica Union. “Many small and medium size business owners have indicated that they were pleased with the product and encouraged the JAMU ASI team to continue and widen the net as we continue on into 2021. We thank God and all the members of our team for a well-executed program that was spirit-filled,” he added.

In his admonition specifically to ASi members, Brown charged them that “your mission focus strategy to go and share the everlasting gospel through your business and professional contacts, is worthy of emulation and commendation.”

In continuing, he explained that “by mingling with all classes of people, showing kindness and care, addressing the real needs of people, forging relationships while leading many to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, is the strategy that Jesus employed during His earthly ministry.”

“May God continue to expand your borders as you leverage your service, expertise and influence to lead sinners to Jesus, while helping your weak colleagues to become strong and the strong stronger in these very troubling times to which we have come,” added Brown.

The day’s activities, which included Sabbath School, also included an afternoon of reports and interviews from each of the ASi chapters. This along with a Business Summit with panelists Cecil Foster, Managing Director of FosRich Ltd., Dr. David Walcott, a medical doctor (MD. Ph.D. MSc.) and entrepreneur with over 8-years, Mrs. Marlene Street Forrest, the Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE)  and Trace Gayle, Marketing and Sales professional at Victoria Mutual Wealth.

In response to the day’s event, Pastor Joseph Smith, ASi Jamaica Union Coordinator accounted that “the planning and execution of ASI Summit 2021 was phenomenal, despite the restrictions resulting from Covid-19…our Chapter Leaders collaborated to secure the success of the event. The highlight for me was the message presented by our Union President, who challenged ASI members to break out of their walls and advance the gospel.”

“Hearing the various professionals share how they have been navigating the challenges caused by the Coronavirus, followed by the Business Forum, which gave cutting edge information on how to survive and thrive in this environment, was truly enlightening, relevant and beneficial,” Smith added.

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  • | 1 year ago

    This is indeed exactly what God requires of His church especially at a time like this.

    Pastor Brown delivered a very appropriate message which has resonance to a global community, both Adventists and all other Bible believing Christians.

    Let us continue to unite in the proclamation of this End time Message.

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