Adventist Youth extend helping hands to Elderly Woman in Blenheim Town

A 76 years old woman who lived in her kitchen for many years received well needed help from an Adventist Youth group called, Gospel Outreach Ministry and the Blenheim Town Seventh-day Adventist Church members.

On Sunday September 27, 2015, members from the Blenheim Town Church, led by Pastor Delroy Bicknell, a few volunteers from the community and 110 youth of the Gospel Outreach Ministry joined hands to build a one bed room house with kitchen and bathroom for this elderly member of the community.

The 76-year-old sister was overwhelmed with emotion as she expressed thanks for the kindness expressed to her. “I’m so happy about it”, she said, “I dreamed of it, I prayed and cried to the Lord every day and just to see it now has brought me such joy in my heart to see how far it has reached.”

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