Adventists in Jamaica mourn the passing of NCU professor

Mandeville, Jamaica | Nigel Coke/IAD

The Seventh-day Adventist family and the faculty, staff and students of Northern Caribbean University (NCU) is mourning the sudden passing of Dr. Teran Milford, late Professor and Interim Dean of the of the College of Education and Leadership at NCU.

Dr. Teran Milford. Image by Orville Morgan/NCU

Dr. Milford died March 3, 2016, after he collapsed during his regular morning walk. He was 65.

“The Jamaica Union family deeply regrets the passing of Dr. Milford whose commitment and dedication to the ministry of the Adventist Church in Jamaica is second to none,” said Pastor Everett Brown, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica and also Chairman of the Board of Governors of NCU.

“His ministry not only impacted the East Jamaica Conference where served as pastor but in a more significant way, his life and service at NCU where his leadership has significantly impacted the institution, his colleagues, students and the wider community of Mandeville,” said Brown. “We commend his wife and children into the hands of God and encourage them to embrace the hope that we have in Jesus’ soon return.”

Chair of the Department of Graduate Education and Leadership Dr. Vivienne Quarrie described Milford as a Christian professional who chose education.

“He was passionate about whatever he did and held to the principles of Adventist Christian education,” said Dr. Quarrie, who is also a close friend of the family. “He was always supportive of the programs of the department, the college and the university. As a friend, I could rely on him to assist whenever challenges arose. He was my friend and confidant.”

Co-chair of NCU Board of Governors Dr. Leonard Johnson in reflecting on Milford, his graduate class of 1981, at the then West Indies College, said Milford was a very disciplined student who took his studies seriously.

“Teran provided presence and leadership for other students who were younger and not as matured,” said Johnson. “I also remember him as a strong family man. His passing was very shocking to me and the leaders of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission (ATCU) because we all knew him to be someone who took his physical exercise seriously.”

Prior to being called to Northern Caribbean University in 1991, Dr. Milford served as district pastor for ten (10) years in the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. While at Northern Caribbean University, he has served in various capacities, including vice president, of student development, vice president of enrollment, marketing and corporate alliances, director of marketing and enrollment services, dean of the College of teacher education and behavioral sciences.

“The loss of Professor Milford is a major loss to the academic community of NCU and Jamaica,” exclaimed Dr. Trevor Gardner, President of NCU. “No one ask a more penetrating a question than professor Milford and few have a more forgiving disposition. At the same time he was a stickler for moral standards. He has left a hole in our hearts and in the fabric of the University. We must all rally around his wife and children.”

Dr. Milford is survived by his father Rupert, wife Audrey of 40 years, who serves as facilities manager at NCU, sons Andre and Theomar, daughter Terry-Ann and other relatives.

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