Andrews Memorial Hospital Honours Retired President/CEO

News July 18, 2023

Kingston, Jamaica…Nigel Coke

Retired President and CEO of the Andrews Memorial Hospital (AMH), Dr. Patric Rutherford was honoured for his outstanding leadership of the 79-year-old hospital, which he led cumulatively for 22 years from 1995 – 2015 and 2021 – 2023.

He was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Proclamation during the Service of Installation for new president/CEO Mr. Donmayne Gyles held on Saturday, May 13, 2023 at the Andrews Memorial Seventh-day Adventists Church in Kingston.


Pastor Everett Brown (second from right) Chairman of the board of the Andrews Memorial Hospital (AMH) commends former president/CEO Dr. Patric Rutherford on a job well done as he presents him with the Lifetime Achievement Proclamation, during the Service of Installation of the new president/CEO of AMH, Mr. Donmayne Gyles (right) held at the Andrews Memorial Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Kingston (photo by Nigel Coke)

Rutherford was hailed for giving undisputed and invaluable service to the growth and advancement of the Andrews Memorial Hospital and its community, and for making a lasting contribution to the delivery of healthcare through extraordinary dedication, service and commitment, which  bolstered the discharge of optimal healthcare and the holistic well-being of patients and staff alike.

A Mentor and Friend

Mr. Gyles, who lauded Dr. Rutherford for his role as mentor in ensuring a smooth transition in leadership of the hospital, said “I spent only two years under his leadership and he was an Administrator extraordinaire, a mentor and a friend. He was a visionary, with an indomitably humble spirit. He understood the healthcare landscape both locally and internationally, and he reads widely, which has helped him to navigate the various challenges of the industry over time.”

“He was also a master in the area of construction and has used that skill to save the organization millions of dollars. He had a strong professional relationship with the Advent Health System in the United States, which he gladly shared with me as his successor. l learnt a lot from him, and that will certainly impact my leadership into the future,” Gayle added.

Dr. Rutherford was also praised as an exemplary religious leader, visionary and role model who is admired and respected for his professionalism, integrity, expertise, and the total embodiment of the Andrews Memorial Hospital’s core values: Quality, Integrity, Compassion, Collaboration, Commitment and Accountability.

“During his tenure as CEO/President of the AMH the institution experienced significant growth in the physical plant and in the wide range of medical services offered to its clientele,” said Board Chairman of AMH, Pastor Everett Brown. “Dr. Rutherford is a team player and critical thinker whose loyalty and commitment to the mission of the Adventist Church is second to none. He has left behind for generations to come a legacy of sterling service to the AMH and the wider health care sector in Jamaica.”

When Rutherford took the helm of the hospital in 1995 it had only one operating room, no outpatient area, 30 beds and more nurses than patients. Today, it has more than doubled its physical size and offering to the public. It currently has 60 beds and offers a wide range of health care services, including radiology, a medical laboratory; pharmacy; vegetarian cafeteria; dental unit; corporate health facility; an inpatient facility; an outpatient facility, and four operating theatres. The hospital is the only one in Jamaica that processes medicals for USA visa immigrants.

“Looking back, I feel gratified and joyful and extremely thankful to God for the privilege I had to take this fledgling institution and move it to the number one stand-alone private hospital in Jamaica. I could not have reached so far without the support of my church and Advent Health (formerly Florida Hospital). My family especially my wife Ruth has been very supportive over these years and without them I would not have the success that I had during my tenure.”

“My tenure has helped me to grow as a leader, honed my expertise in hospital design and construction and gave me the privilege of building relations with other health institutions locally and internationally including Government Agencies and Embassies.”

“The greatest joy I have had serving in this capacity is to have built an institution to a place where we could provide for some surgeries and other services to persons who could not otherwise afford it.”

Rutherford has received notable achievements, honours, and published articles and abstracts with contextual originalities, and is the author of the literary work: “God and President Trump plus the Rest of Us”.

He has a Bachelors Degree in Theology from West Indies College, (now Northern Caribbean University (NCU)), a Masters Degree in Health Administration from the Loma Linda University and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Degree in Educational Administration from NCU.