ASI and EJC Stage First Farmers Market Initiative in Kingston

Adventist-Laypersons Services & Industries (ASI) and East Jamaica Conference staged their first ever Farmers Market on the grounds of the Kingsway High School, 10 – 12 Osborne Road in Kingston in a bid to assist farmers in Jamaica who are having difficulty finding markets for their products while at the same time providing a clean, safe environment for people to easily purchase market products.

Cecil Foster, president for ASI, Jamaica Union, said the organization was led by the Holy Spirit to reach out to farmers in Jamaica, especially Adventist Farmers who are having difficulty disposing their products due to the COVID-19 pandemic which disrupted supply chains and established markets for many of them.

“Many farmers are unable to off-load their produce to supermarkets or to hotels and restaurants and so some of their goods are in the field rotting while we who are in Kingston find it difficult a lot of times to have the produce that we want,” Foster said on the first day of the three day Farmers Market which is set to operate while stocks last.

The ASI president for Jamaica disclosed that a partnership was forged with farmers from the southern side of the island and that the items are being sold at farm gate prices.

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