EJC Makes History With The Launch of Their Digital Billboard

East Jamaica Conference Communication | Phillip Castell December 11, 2023

It was a historic and memorable moment when the switch was flicked and the darkness of the evening sky transformed into beautiful brightness as messages of hope and inspiration from the East Jamaica Conference (EJC) digital billboard illuminated the sky on November 30, 2023.

The East Jamaica Conference became the first Seventh-day Adventist Conference or institution to incorporate a digital billboard as part of its communication strategy to the public in Jamaica.  The billboard, which was erected in the parking lot at the front of the Conference Headquarters at 74 Constant Spring Road, was officially commissioned for the ministry after a  brief service that was held under the theme ‘Illuminating the Mission’.  In attendance were representatives from the Inter-American Division Headquarters in Miami,  Jamaica Union, Central Jamaica Conference, IADPA Bookstore, and Andrews Hospital.


Pastor Meric Dale Walker, president, East Jamaica Conference is all smiles when he addressed church leaders, pastors, Conference workers and church members who gathered at the Conference Headquarters for the billboard launch on November 30 :: Photo credit: Yorkali Walters


Pastor Meric Dale Walker, president, of EJC was overjoyed when he addressed the gathering at the billboard launch. “I am thrilled and overjoyed to see the realization of this project of Mission First becoming a reality before our very eyes,” said Walker.

“It was about 2008 / 9 that the National Works Agency did a survey and concluded that about twenty-nine thousand vehicles traverse this road each day and you can imagine the wider possibility of ministry that exists today,” Walker said. “ Maybe over one hundred thousand persons pass by each day now because the vehicles are filled with people.  Maybe there is an oasis for mission,”  Walker suggested.

He continued, “I was driving down one morning and the traffic was creeping along and the Spirit of the Lord said to me as I looked ahead, ‘Oh what a waste, the space is there, the people are here and looking, but there is no message,’” Walker said as he shared how the idea started for the digital billboard.

President Walker was happy to share that when he brought the idea to the team at the office, his idea was viewed with favor. “With my exuberance, I came to the directors with the great idea and we went to the wider committee including the directors and everybody was excited about this. The Conference Wide Development chair and committee members were on board, and everybody was excited,” Walker said. “I am thrilled to be here and in a dark world we call this a digital pulpit that will spread messages of hope to the people,” he exclaimed.

Walker expressed gratitude to fellow administrators, Pastor Melvin Francis and Elder Michael Porteous, treasurer, who supported him with the idea when he first shared it with them.  ‘I thank God that the staff, administration and membership are fully behind the digital mission. May the Lord continue to bless East Jamaica Conference.”

Pastor Josney Rodriquez. Ministerial Secretary, Inter-American Division brings greetings on behalf of Pastor Elie Henry, president, Inter-American Division :: Photo credit: Yorkali Walters

Pastor Josney Rodriquez, ministerial association secretary of the Inter-American Division (IAD) congratulated the East Jamaica Conference administration and team when he brought greetings on behalf of the Inter-American Division president, Pastor Ellie Henry.  Rodriquez noted that the IAD has 24 Unions one of which is the Jamaica Union.  “In the inter-American Division we have 156 fields,” said Pastor Rodriques. “One of these fields is the East Jamaica Conference and today is a special day. We are happy to see that you are going forward in this very important step which will assist you in imparting and communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Elder Nigel Coke, Communication Director, Jamaica Union Conference of SDA :: Photo credit: Yorkali Walters

Communications Director, JAMU Elder Nigel Coke, referenced the admonition by Adventist Church Founder, Ellen G. White who said “We should use all available media” to bring attention to the work of the church. “This evening, this digital billboard is doing such a thing,” Coke said alluding to the fact that while the idea of using a billboard may be quite new for the church, the principle of incorporating new media to share the gospel and the work of the church would be consistent with the early pioneers of the SDA Church.   “I am happy that this billboard is working 24 /7  in spreading the word and the messages throughout the thoroughfare,”   Coke said.


Elder Nigel Coke expressed congratulations to the team in East Jamaica for pulling off this important milestone citing that this achievement was occurring for the first time in the SDA church in Jamaica. “ I commend the team here for their vision because this is a first in Jamaica for us.  It happens overseas but we can do it too right here in little Jamaica.”


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