Historic Opening of Adventist Campsite in EJC

Hundreds gathered under  the  massive white canvas tent  at the highest point of the campsite for the inaugural summer camp opening ceremony at East Jamaica Conference’s Camp Phillipsfield in St. Thomas. It was early evening as trumpets and drums echoed throughout the property signaling the official start to the historic “Build to Last”  Adventist youth camp.

It was hard to count the number of persons present, but taking a hint from the seating arrangement, over 900 persons were gathered. They were instructed to picture themselves as ‘spiritual Israel on a journey travelling with the Lord’, by programme chairman and camp medic, Dr. Noval Dale. A broad smile spread across the faces of several present as the reality of Camp 2015 registered in their minds.

It was a packed programme which saw East Jamaica Conference (EJC) President, Dr. Eric Nathan, leading out in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Bible. This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and remarks by EJC Executive Secretary, Dr. Meric Walker. “It’s better than good. It is excellent and there is singing in heaven,” he said briefly.

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