Husband and wife graduate NCU together

With his three-week-old daughter nestled in his arms, Marvin Pryce was a picture of contentment following the graduation ceremony at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) on Sunday.

The occasion was particularly special for Marvin, as his wife, Kadiann Edwards-Pryce, also graduated from the Manchester-based institution. Marvin, who never attended high school, lauded his wife for encouraging him to pursue some Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects and to further his education. He said that despite the difference in their educational status, Kadiann never belittled him. Instead, she encouraged him to further his education.

“She saw the diamond while it was still in the rough and she worked on it; and what most persons are seeing today is what you go to the store to receive. But if you saw me a few years ago, you’d not want to celebrate what you’re celebrating today,” he told THE STAR.

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