It’s a love affair with Woodford

You know the love is for real when the person is willing to go the extra mile with you, and neither hill nor valley will stop them from caring. That’s just how a group of 10 persons from the United States of America felt as they made their journey on July 17, up through the winding thoroughfare and into the cool St Andrew hills where the Woodford Seventh-day Adventist Preparatory School is located.

The group came to the island bearing gifts and back-to-school supplies for the school and its children with whom they have fallen in love since 2016.

“It began when education director at the East Jamaica Conference, Dr Donna Brown, approached me while she was on a trip to New York,” explained the group leader, Keith ‘Chappy’ Taylor, a Jamaican teacher living in the United States. “She told me that there are two Seventh-day Adventist schools that needed help back home. So, when I came to Jamaica, I visited Woodford SDA Preparatory School and fell in love with the school and the children.”

A fire was kindled in Taylor’s heart which propelled him into action. He had discussions with the principal of the school where he teaches in the US and together they formulated a plan which saw them buying gifts and sending them to Jamaica for the school and its students.

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