Laziness is our biggest problem – Pastor

The 29 years old, Seventh-day Adventist pastor and information technology (IT) expert Danielo Daniels is one of the youngest and most remarkable clergymen operating in St Mary.

The multifaceted minister loves working in the parish, but is concerned that adults in the seven communities where his churches are based – Annotto Bay, Islington, Robin’s Bay, Rose End, Hampstead, Heywood Hall, and Esher – are failing to protect young girls from sexual predators.

Daniels told Family and Religion: “One thing I see that affects the communities is where men tend to seek after underaged girls. I would really like to see their minds shifted to ensure they see a child as somebody they need to nurture and take care of because, in the words of one popular singer (Tony Rebel), “that little girl could be the next prime minister or your doctor”.

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