Mandeville hospital receives well-needed supplies

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Although grateful that the Mandeville Regional Hospital received US$40,000 worth of supplies for orthopaedics and paediatrics, Chief Executive Officer Alwyn Miller says the facility is overwhelmed by the high number of people admitted for injuries from motor vehicle crashes.

“We are severely challenged with the number of patients that are presenting to us, particularly from motorbike accidents, not only from Manchester, but also from Clarendon and St Elizabeth,” Miller said yesterday at the handing-over ceremony for the supplies donated by the Carnegie Foundation.


“It is really overwhelming for our facilities… Particularly in this time of the pandemic, one would expect that there [would] be less accidents, but it has not declined at all,” he added.


“At the same time, we are grateful for these items that will help in terms of [patients] recovery… We want to thank the Carnegie Foundation for remembering us in this manner. They have been here multiple times with many gifts that have made a difference to the care of our patients,” Miller said.

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