Montague urges Jamaica to pray

National Security Minister Robert Montague and his opposition counterpart, Peter Bunting, have taken the lead, holding hands in prayer about the violence in the country, and they are encouraging Jamaicans to come on board.

The men joined in prayer at Tuesday’s launch of the Jamaica Umbrella Groups of Churches’ National Day of Prayer at Guardian Life New Kingston offices.

“We encourage Jamaicans from all across the country, from all walks of life, from every religious persuasion, of every social strata and every political strife and colour to join us in Half-Way Tree Square this Sunday … ,” said Montague. “Crime in Jamaica today is a multifaceted problem. It cannot be fought on one front. We did not get to our state overnight, and we certainly will not conquer it overnight,” he declared.

“The blood of our brothers and sisters cry out from the ground. Babies, children, mothers, grandmothers, and the many innocent lives are viciously taken away at the hands of heartless, cold, dutty criminals,” he continued.

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