Nominating Committee Chooses Continuity and Change

By Stephen Chavez, Adventist Review/ANN

Delegates unanimously reelected G. T. Ng as General Conference (GC) executive secretary and GC undertreasurer Juan Prestol-Puesán as General Conference treasurer.

Ng, whose service for the denomination includes being a pastor, seminary professor, and General Conference administrator, was elected as GC secretary five years ago at the GC session in Atlanta.

Since then, Ng has emphasized the importance of keeping accurate membership records around the world. Combined with keeping accurate records, Ng has made membership retention one of the key focuses of the world church.His sector also coordinates the church’s extensive missionary program.

Ng thanked the delegates for their confidence following his election and, in a flash of his trademark humor, quipped, “I was hoping someone would refer this nomination back to committee.”

His comment was a nod to the brief discussion that surrounded the nomination and election of the GC president earlier in the day.

Ng said the greatest challenge facing the church is changing the culture from members being spectators, where pastors do most of the work, to a culture where the priesthood of all believers is embraced and practiced.

“Every member is an evangelist,” he said.

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