Now is not the time to leave church, says young Christian

Though it is not uncommon for Christians to waver in their walk with God, lose sight of the prize or even stop attending church for a number of reasons, young Christian leader, Chantell Stewart, said it is now time for people to draw closer to God rather than move farther away from Him.

Stewart, who was born and raised in the Seventh-day Adventist faith, said her decision to give her life to God at about age 11 was, in part, really influenced by her family’s strong Christian values.

However, over time, she said she had her own convictions and gradually understood the importance of making the decision to give her life to God wholeheartedly.

“It was at West Indies College Prep School when we were having Week of Prayer. I was entirely moved because the preacher made mention of young children who neglect Jesus and focus on material things, not knowing that even children, at a tender age can be lost if the message of salvation is introduced to them and they turn away.”

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