One Hundred Souls for the Kingdom

If heaven rejoices when just one sinner repents, can you imagine the joy when 100 precious persons answer God’s call?

The year 2020 has provided many challenges; not the least of which is the COVID-19 global health crisis. Yet, somehow God has offered many teaching tools that have proven to strengthen our faith and resiliency. We have learned the value of family togetherness, unity of the faith, and what all that really matters in the grand scheme.

One of the principal features of the Church in Central Jamaica is evangelism. If you have been tracking with us, you know we have been conducting an ongoing series of online evangelistic meetings called Fires of Hope, from the headquarters. Many precious souls have given their hearts to God.

Our local church Pastors have been engaging their members through creative means, taking traditional pastoral care to the next level; even into the tech age while continuing to address their felt needs. One such Pastor from the Maranatha District of Churches, Dr Michael Harvey, has had the honour of, not only pastoring successfully in unprecedented times but also baptising 100 persons into the body of Christ this year; and the year is not even over. Yes, Dr Harvey is what we call, a Centurion (someone who has baptised 100 persons, or more, within one year). God is good! It is a tremendous blessing to know that so many persons are not willing to settle for less in 2020. They are giving all to God, to be engaged in active service as the Lord gives strength.

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