Pastor Gordon Lindsay wants opportunities for St Mary’s youth


As pastor of the Dover Seventh-day Adventists District of Churches, 26-year-old Gordon Lindsay is responsible for managing seven churches (Dover, Epsom, Enfield, Camberwell, Osborne, Fort George, and Long Road) throughout southeast St Mary.

Originally from Plowden, Manchester, in 2011, he relocated to St Mary to work as a high school math teacher, and deems the dearth of revenue-generating prospects in the area as the biggest issue facing his local contemporaries.

Lindsay told Family and Religion: “The biggest challenge for people in my area is a lack of opportunity, especially for young people. The lack of opportunity creates an avenue for them to become idle and, in a sense, seem not to want to do anything. It’s not that they don’t want to, but sometimes the opportunities just aren’t there.

“I think it’s important that we seek to minister differently by developing new strategies, such as preaching to our young people through the Internet. We can use technology to reach them because that’s what they are familiar with.

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