Pastor Silas N. Mckinney Dies

A great champion for the gospel falls asleep in Jesus.

About 10:55 a.m, Saturday morning, July 16, 2016, Pastor Silas Napoleon McKinney, age 89, an outstanding evangelist and church leader, passed away while in Princess Margaret Hospital, Nassau, The Bahamas.

Pastor McKinney had been sick at home for several years and was taken to the hospital more than four weeks ago because of dehydration. Pastor McKinney was a champion for Jesus. He was a vibrant church leader and one who was involved in community development. He is survived by his loving wife, Ruth, and their three children- Rosa, Michelle and Neil six grand grandchildren-Selene, Silas Sidney, Newton, Edmund, Silas Neil (NJ), Vincent; and one great granddaughter, Eleanor.

Pastor Silas McKinney was the first Bahamian president of the Adventist Church in The Bahamas. He was one of the four Bahamian church leaders who surrounded the flag pole on the first pre-independence night on Fort Charlotte, Nassau, July 9, 1973, to raise the new Bahamian Flag. More than 50,000 Bahamian residents witnessed the new flag blowing in the wind for the first time. Pastor McKinney was honored to be a part of that ceremony. For his exemplary service to country and church, Pastor McKinney was honored by the Queen on England on December 31, 1993, with the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

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