Jeffery Wilson, who played Gideon, is embraced by a woman character while others clap and praise for the victory over the Midianites. [Photo: Daniel Gallardo/IAD]
Jeffery Wilson, who played Gideon, is embraced by a woman character while others clap and praise for the victory over the Midianites. [Photo: Daniel Gallardo/IAD]

Pathfinder Camporee’s Gideon Production Play Touches Many Lives

News April 13, 2023

April 13, 2023 | Trelawny, Jamaica | Dyhann Budoo-Fletcher and Inter-American Division News

Jamaica’s Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, The Honorable Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grage, praised Gideon the Destroyer musical drama production, at the closing exercise of the 5th Inter-American Pathfinder Camporee, on Apr. 8, 2023.

“The drama production was fantastic! The camera work, the lighting, everything was just perfect,” said Grage, who watched the closing act with the Governor General, Sir Patrick Allen, seated beside her.


Jamaica’s Governor General Sir Patrick Allen (center) is greeted by Pastor Andres Peralta (right), associate ministries director of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists while Minister o Culture Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia Grage (left) looks on after the production play took place. [Photo: Daniel Gallardo/IAD]
“The young people who came, you could see that they are passionate and believe in Christ, and they want to hear His words, and at the same time, they want to enjoy the togetherness that the camporee has created for them,”  said Minister Grage.  “This Pathfinder program is a fantastic one that will continue to enrich our young people and make them better citizens.”


The five dramatizations about the biblical story of Gideon were watched at evening worship sessions by thousands at  Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium and online. The story unravelled from scriptures in the book of Judges, chapters 6 and 7, and had themes lasting 25 minutes each night which focused on God’s direct Call of Gideon, the man; the Transformation; Trusting in God; Standing up for God and Executing the Mission.


Jeffery Wilson, who played Gideon, is embraced by a woman character while others clap and praise for the victory over the Midianites. [Photo: Daniel Gallardo/IAD]
“A wonderful play, and the messages were well expressed,” said Pastor Ellie Henry, president of the Inter-American Division. “The character of Gideon stood out with valuable lessons for all young people to emulate. Such as, when we trust and obey God, He will fight our battles, and He can make us victorious over any challenges we have,” added Pastor Henry.

For the star of the show, Jeffery Wilson, who played Gideon, it was a nerve-wracking experience “because you must think about how to execute so that the message is received in the best way possible,” he said.  “We have had our Gideon experience from day one. While there were many idiocracies, God came through for us.”

The branded image of Gideon blowing the shofar with the Pathfinders in Mission theme inspired the musical play, which was commissioned in September 2022, by Pastor Dane Fletcher, youth ministries director of the Jamaica.

Two soldiers are ready to fight during the play production on the closing night on Ar. 8, 2023. [Photo: Daniel Gallardo/IAD]
With a cast of 55, “it was Torna Peters from the Hagley Park Seventh-day Adventist Church, director of the Dramatic Praise, whom Kyon Vaz recommended to start the process,” said Fletcher.

“It was not easy, but with team effort, we did it. We have become a family,” said Peters. “Once the script was done, everything else carefully fell into place.” After-work rehearsals were a huge sacrifice, she added. “We began first with two days a week, and in March, we were rehearsing from Sunday to Thursday each night.”

Ryan Salmon, actor of the Midianite General, Zimron, would arrive home after midnight because he transported many of the cast members home after rehearsal. During the production he experienced the death of a family member and he also had to deal with the anniversary of his father’s death. “If it were not for the support of each member and the strength of God, I would not have made it to this final production. I am happy for God’s strength.”


Two characters perform during the final performance of the evening on Apr. 8, 2023. [Photo: Daniel Gallardo/IAD]
The miracles of each production overflowed with ten original songs written by the team members, written within a couple of weeks, said Carla Douglas, who gave a run-down of the songs and writers. These included, Run and Hide, Lord Give me strength, and Fight for Your Lives, written by Carla Douglas; Special Kind of Love and Invincible, written by Karnette Batchelor-Evering and Kai’Den Evering; Who Did This? By Eban Hutton; Give Me A Sign and Victorious by Jeffery Wilson; Your God, by Devraux Frater; and I’m in the Army of God, original words by the Inter-American Division, rearranged by Rene Brown.

“I am so impressed by the play and the meaningful songs,” said 12-year-old Juan Vasquez from the Belize Union. Vasquez was baptized earlier that Sabbath afternoon, making him the only Seventh-day Adventist in his family. “I am strengthened by the message in this play. I can see that with God, all things are possible.”

Pastor Raymond Douglas, who produced the play and serves as youth ministries director of the North East Jamaica Conference, had the task of organizing and mobilizing the talents and skilled production team from the East, North East, and Central Jamaica Conferences. Douglas recognized that, like Gideon’s experience, “God placed and kept the right persons into this production and many who started were not able to be with us to this point,” said Douglas.

Play production team take a group photo before the final play performance on Apr. 8, 2023. [Photo: Daniel Gallardo/IAD]
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