Pilot Gilbert Cangy Offers Flight Around World on Global Youth Day

Gilbert Cangy, youth director for the Seventh-day Adventist world church, will fly around the world in 24 hours next month — and he is inviting you to accompany him on the trip.

Cangy will don a pilot’s uniform and embark on a 24-city tour that starts in the Fiji islands and soars through Australia, India, the Middle East, and Norway before touching down in the United States at the end of Global Youth Day on Sabbath, March 19.

“This will be the longest flight ever,” Cangy told the Adventist Review with a smile.

Gilbert Cangly, youth director of the Adventist world church. (Ansel Oliver / ANN)

The catch is Cangy won’t actually be stepping aboard an aircraft. He will travel the world from Hope Channel’s studio in Germany, which will air 24 hours of live broadcasts of Adventist young people offering free hugs on city streets, collecting used clothing, and painting murals as they seek to practical ways to share Jesus’ love in their communities.

Cangy wants you to take the trip with him from your home — unless you happen to be a young person. Then he expects you to be “acting as Jesus’ hands and feet” in your neighborhood and uploading photos of your activities on the Global Youth Day app and on other social media.

“I am looking forward to staying up 24 hours to watch the movement grow as our young people from all over the world step up to ‘Be the Sermon,’” he said.

“Be the Sermon” is the motto for Global Youth Day, an annual event now in its fourth year and always held on a Sabbath.

More than 5 million young people from 132 countries participated in Global Youth Day last March, breaking all previous records. In another first, footage from the event was live-streamed online and on the Adventist Church-owned Hope Channel for 24 hours.

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