Religious Freedom For Such A Time As This

"Religious Freedom, for such a time as this" was the chosen theme For Religious Liberty day which was held at the New Haven SDA Church on Sabbath, August 19, 2017.

During Sabbath School, Sis. Stacie Dennis and Bro. Stephen Williams highlighted the fact that John Wycliffe was one of the early pioneers who fought for this freedom which many now take for granted.

In presenting an over view of Religious Liberty, the director of the Religious Department at New Haven, Sis. Tanya Ralph noted that it is not just a concept in reference to the freedom to worship or not according to the dictates of one’s conscience; but it also refers to respecting others and defending their right to worship as they see fit.

“Religious freedom for such a time as this is more than meets the ear or the eye,” Ralph said. “It includes caring and courageous diplomacy none discriminatory.....and it is a compound freedom.”

Chief Justice of Jamaica, Mrs. Zaila McCalla, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, Mrs. Carol Palmer and DSP Donna Harris-Jones were in attendance to share in the day and bring greetings from their organizations.

Mrs. McCalla thanked the church for inviting her to participate in the day’s service and noted that it is an opportunity for everyone to contemplate the level of religious freedom we have. She encouraged the congregation to give thanks to the Almighty for this liberty being enjoyed by everyone present and which many of “our brothers and sisters” in some parts of the world do not have.