Seniors glow at their Convention

Written by: Fabia Phillips-Lawrence |


It was a golden day for several seniors who led out and participated in the memorable Senior Citizens Convention and Grandparents Day held at the Hagley Park SDA church on September 19, 2015. Two delegates from each Adventist church across East Jamaica Conference were present for the special day along with interested persons who observed the seniors taking charge from Sabbath School to Vespers.

During the divine hour session, the Sabbath School, Personal Ministries and Community Services Director, Pastor Carl Cunningham, took the time out to recognize the oldest male and female present.

The oldest male was 91 year old Elder, Gustavious Lee, from the Rollington SDA church and was presented with a token by the invited speaker, Pastor Neol Fraser. The oldest female 104 year old Aldina Roach from the Hagley Park Church was given her gift by EJC President, Dr. Eric Nathan. The couple married for the longest years was also recognized – Walton and Leslene Lawrence who have been married for 57 years.

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