Serving families with love – Home 2K Ministries and Harris Foundation give back to communities

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done – Proverbs 19:17

For the past 30 years, Michael Harris and his family have been giving back to communities and families across Jamaica in an effort to ease the pressures of the harsh economic times being faced by many.

Thousands of women and children turned up at the Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church in May Day in the parish for their most recent outreach programme, which targeted those in need of medical checks, back-to-school items and small scholarship grants.

“Since migrating, I have been giving back to the community in my own little way: clothes, shoes, food items. But 13 years ago, we started the foundation officially. My two daughters, Kimberly and Nicky, who are the founders of the foundation, were invited to the country by Hands Across Jamaica, and it was after their visit that they decided they needed to make this more official,” said Harris, president of the Harris Family Vision Foundation Inc.

He continued, “The greatest need that we have seen since coming to Jamaica is funding for tuition and resources for healthcare. We have been helping tertiary students through our scholarship fund, and we have donated to the hospitals and infirmaries across the island.”

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