The golden rule and religious liberty

A colleague called my attention to an article to which I feel compelled to respond. No direct allegation was made, but the insinuation was strong. The power of insinuation, or ‘dropping a word’, is often more powerful than speaking to a matter directly. The power of insinuation lies in the fact that a seed is sowed in people’s minds, and whether or not it is true, it often sticks while no one dares to take it on directly, lest they be accused of getting ‘hot under the collar’ or ‘bent out of shape’ over nothing. But love for truth fears nothing, not even the risk of losing reputation, because there is nothing more powerful than truth — even if it is not readily recognised.

Tucked away in the middle of an eloquent exposé on tertiary education (Jamaica Observer, August 14, 2015), the insinuation to which I refer went as follows:

“A man sidled up to me at a party, ‘Dis a di next Adventist university now Whiteman gone; soon a ongly UWI yuh can drink liquor.’ I stared: ‘Yes, Doc, di big one a paint up near small business; suh wen di two Kingston Adventist top man meet up wid di Mandeville one, Anglican, Cat’lick, Baptist student suck salt — a suh it set?’ Education is a major field for investment and quality is related to deep pockets. UWI is backed by 12 States; UTech by Cabinet; and NCU by the Adventist community. Which two do Adventists now run?”

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