Kimani Roache Cops Bible Connection Title in Impressive Time

News November 10, 2022

St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann…Nigel Coke

Nineteen year-old Kimani Roache scored 880 points, answering 71 of 80 questions to cop first place in the Jamaica Union Conference (JAMU) Bible Connection finals held at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann, on Sabbath, November 5, 2022.

The win gives Roache the right to represent JAMU in the finals of the Inter-American Division Bible Connection final scheduled to take place on Sabbath, November 19 at the Seventh-day Adventist Conference Centre in Mount Salem, Montego Bay.

Pastor Adlai Blythe, Treasurer, Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (JAMU), presents a replica Cheque of the cash prize to Kimani Roache (second from right) after the finals of the JAMU Bible Connection on Sabbath, November 5, 2022 at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in St. Ann’s Bay, St Ann. Pastor Dane Fletcher (second from left) Youth Ministries Director of JAMU and Pastor Levi Johnson (right) complete the presentation. Photos by Nigel Coke)

Roache, who represented the North East Jamaica Conference (NEJC), won in an impressive 4 minutes 36.7 seconds ahead of Gem Brown of North Jamaica Conference who scored 875 points in 9 minutes 01 seconds, and Tiffany Lawrence of the East Jamaica Conference (EJC) with 830 points in 8 minutes .01 seconds. Although Gem Brown answered 72 of the 80 questions correctly, some questions had greater weight, and timing was also essential in scoring.

A first-year Medical Technology student at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Roache was somewhat surprised at his achievement.

“I was very shocked at first because although I put out my best and even though I knew I did my best, I didn’t expect to win,” said Roache. “Hearing my name being called for first place was really a blessing and I am happy that God has brought me to this point. It has always been my dream to win the Bible Connection.”

Each of the participants was presented with an 8” Samsung Tablet, while the winner and runner ups (second and third) received cash prizes of $50,000.00, $30,000.00 and $20,000.00, respectively. A part of the experience and prize each year is an all-expense paid trip to the finals wherever it is being held in the IAD region. Because the IAD finals will be held in Jamaica, Roache will receive an all-expense paid weekend at the Holiday Inn and Spa in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

L-R front row – Tiffany Lawrence (third place) Gem Brown (second place) and the winner, Kimani Roache are all smiles with l-r back row – Pastors Dane Fletcher, Youth Ministries Director of JAMU, Joel Jump, Youth Ministries Director of the East Jamaica Conference, Amiel Summerbell, Youth Ministries Director of North Jamaica and Raymond Douglas, Youth Ministries Director of North East Jamaica

“I hope that the Bible Connection would have inspired all those who participated in the process to the extent that they will change the world,” said Pastor Dane Fletcher, Youth Ministries Director at JAMU. “As we seek to increase participation, we will incorporate the Bible Connection within our weekly Advent Youth Services.”

“We hope that next year’s cash awards will be greater, as it literally pays to study the Bible. While not every participant receives cash awards, we hope that the study of the Word will strengthen the connection of our youth with Jesus, so that ultimately by His grace they will receive the gift of eternal life,” Fletcher added.

Prior to going to NCU, Roache was an active member of the Clermont Seventh-day Adventist Church in St. Mary and held positions such as Assistant AY Leader, Deacon, Assistant Pathfinder Director, among others.

Participants in the JAMU Bible Connection share lens with Administrators, Directors and Assistants of the JAMU and Conferences

Youth Ministries Director of the NEJC, Pastor Raymond Douglas, had high praises for Roache whom he believes is an example to other young people.

“He is a very committed youth,” said Douglas. “He is very involved in the Church and is a very reliable person. He is an example to young people.”

In his parting words to other young people Roache said “Trust in the Lord always. Continue to fear God and whether it is spiritually or academically, God will lead you through it as long as you fear Him and keep His commandments.”

Mr. Kristoff Williams (back to camera), IT Manager of JAMU, gives the final instructions to the participants before the start of the JAMU Bible Connection finals. Looking on are: Pastor Dane Flectcher, Youth Ministries Director of JAMU and Dr. Lorraine Vernal, Women’s and Children’s Ministries of JAMU

Administrators, directors and other workers from the JAMU and Conferences attended the afternoon’s programme.

The Bible Connection is executed in a non-competitive environment, where participants input responses electronically, aiming for speed and accuracy.

Host of the JAMU Bible Connection finals, Pastor Amiel Summerbell and Mrs. Chantell Guthrie



  • | November 11, 2022 at 6:45 am

    Indeed! God rewards those who diligently study His words and apply scriptures to life. May God continue to bless and keep all the participants. And may He continue to guide and bless the efforts of young Kimani Roache.